Hello everyone! Are you wasting a lot of your time on sharing your Posts, advertising products,or anything else in different groups one by one? I know your answer is yes, because I also used to do that. But from now I got a auto poster which helps me to post in more than 50 groups in one click. Yes it’s true, you can post anything in more than 50 groups in a single click. Also from this auto poster you can post in multiple Facebook fan pages in a single click.

100% Working and Safe

I know if you search on google for Facebook Groups/auto poster you will get many result. But not a single group poster will be free. But this auto poster is working and it is very safe for you Facebook account.

Best features of our Facebook Multi Group Poster:

  • Our Multi Group Poster is 100% free forever.
  • With our Auto Group Poster site. you can share your message, pic, and link with preview in multiple groups in single click.
  •  Our Facebook Multi Group Poster is fully based on cloud service. You don’t need to download any software for using Auto Poster.
  1. Unlimited Campaigns ,Post virtually anything in your posts. Text, links or images and with built-in spintax, each message you post is unique!
  2. No More FB Jail!, With our post scheduling system, we keep you out of FB Jail, that is our guarantee to you!Unlimited Group Lists,Create group lists to post targeted messages into specific niches Never post to the wrong groups again!Post to Pages & Groups, Our unique system allows you to Schedule unlimited posts to Groups & Pages – Never worry about posting again with our All-In-One solution!

    How To Use Facebook Multi Groups Poster

    Go to FacebookAutoPoster .  signup  and then Sign in.

    Sign Up Page




    First login Screen After signup and email confirmation


    After signing in you have to add your Facebook Account in order to import your Facebook groups and start posting, To do this click on settings buttonon the menu,




    then click on Facebook Accounts



    then Click on  Add/Udpdate Facebook Account


    Popup will appear and then click on  Authenticate the app .


    Authorize the account and don’t forget to change the app setting to Public


    select okay  to continue , on the next screen change from Friends To public


    Then click on Get App Access Token button


    Popup window will open up and then copy the access token as how in the pic below and paste it back in the main window


    paste the access token back in the main window and click on Add Facebook Account Button


    After that, a success message will show and your Facebook Account will successfully be added to your Facebook Auto Poster Account


    Click on Close button then Click On Your Home Button, By this time all your groups will show in a list below  the home page, Scroll down  You will See Them. Facebook Auto poster only posts to open groups, You can Enable this by Changing the settings on the posting settings button as shown below


  1. From Here You can start Posting to Your favorite groups. all post types (image, video, link & text) are supported, Happy Posting.

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