Introducing The GPS GSM GPRS Vehicle Tracker Locator Anti-theft SMS Dial Tracking Alarm!

Be confident knowing you can locate your valuable asset anytime.

We introduce the simple car / vehicle tracker that will help to track or monitor your vehicle or other moving objects using an installed 2G SIM card from a local communication network operator.

The cost of the tracking device is at a friendly fee of Uganda Shillings Five Hundred Thousand (Ugx 500,000/=) or USD 150 one time payment, no monthly fees and no contracts. This includes both mechanical and technical.

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Tracker Applications

  1. Vehicle leasing, fleet management and more

  2. Motorcycle, scooter, bike real-time tracking

  3. Motorcycle, scooter, bike anti-theft.

  4. Manage personnel.


Tracker Details

Tracking; Monitor; Geo-fence; Movement alert; Over speed alert; SOS Button; Low battery alert; Hidden number tracking; Power off alarm; Send SMS cut off/resume the oil and power system, arm, door alarm, sensor alarm, ACC alarm; Support 4G SD card; Support TCP and UDP protocol.
– Initialization, send SMS ( # begin # 123456 # ) to the unit, it replies OK, then you initialize all the settings to default factory settings.
– Change password, make sure the new password is in 6 digits arabic numbers.
– Authorization, there are 4 numbers to be allowed to authorize in the tracker at most, you just need send SMS in the format specified to the device.
– Single locating, if there is no authorized number, any number dials up the device number, it will report tracking message.
– Dialing and SMS tracking, make a call or send SMS to the device number, it will hang up and reply a real-time tracking message.
– Continuous tracking automatically, send specified format message, it will report real-time tracking message.
– Alarms, it sets with GEO-fence alarm, ACC working alarm.
– It can cut off and resume the oil and power system of your vehicle by send specified format SMS to the device.
– You can set up arm by the SMS and the remote controller, you can disarm through the same way too.
– It has 3 modes to switch, the tracker, the monitor listening, and the dial mode.
– With it, you can check the vehicle state, IMEI, and reset SMS, set time zone, GPRS, APN, IP and port, and reset the device.

  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Car GPS Tracker & Alarm System with Web based and PC based software by SMS / GPRS , Geo fence supported
  • Support orientation without orientated server: it can find out Real-time longitude and latitude, time and speed.
  • If the target you are inquiring enters into underground parking lot or other GPS blind area, the tracker will inform you the last orientation.
  • Remote Engine-stop and Resume.
  • Tracking function by timing and frequency
  • Authorized number added and deleted function
  • Support hidden alarm and monitor function
  • Geo-fence: Set up a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district.
  • Power supply disconnection alarm.
  • Door alarm
  • ACC alarm
  • Movement alert: you can set up barriers when the vehicle is stopped. Once moved, it can give an alarm to the authorized number.
  • Over speed alarm: you can make the inspected target run according to fixed speed. It alarms when speed is exceeded.
  • Low battery alarm function
  • Check the vehicle status
  • Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 Deg.C
  • Operation Temperature: -20 to 55 Deg.C
  • Humidity: 5 – 95 percent.

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